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Working Students Project

The Warwick WHAM Working Students Project is exploring ways that the medical school, and local trusts can better support working MBChB students.


 WHAM is representing the student voice, to improve understanding of the difficulties faced by working students, and seek resolution of these issues, as well as offering advice and links to useful information.

The different aspects of the project are outlined here: 

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Experiences as Working Students

Exploring student's experiences of working whilst at WMS

WHAM is working to compile a collection of working students' experiences of managing employment alongside their studies. 

 The student voice will be an integral aspect of this project to improve understanding of the difficulties faced by working students. 

If you would like to share your experience of being a working student at WMS, please do so here. 

Image by Ian Taylor

Streamlining Employment

A fast track for NHS bank roles

Through ongoing work by faculty, there will soon be a system to streamline students gaining healthcare assistant roles in local trusts. 


This project has been underway for a while, lead by Professor Simon Brake and Dr Paul de Cates. 

WHAM hope to link up and support this process, as this would be an extremely useful system for MBChB students at WMS. 

Once more information is availiable, there will be further updates posted here.

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Improvements for Working Students

Finding resolution for the issues faced by working students

As WHAM gathers evidence of the hardships faced by working students, we aim to approach the local trusts and WMS to work with them in finding agreeable solutions to the issues identified. 

This WHAM project is in its early stages. As progress is made, there will be updates posted here. 

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