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What We Do

We run a number of events, both online and in person, along with a mentoring scheme, a summer school and more. See below for more details.

Online Events

We run all of our outreach online and for FREE. Providing events on everything from Financing GEM, Work Experience, Interview Tips and More!

Summer School

Working in collaboration with WMS MedEd society and Warwick Medical School, we are putting together a summer school in July for WP students interested in medical school.

More information coming soon.

Widening Participation Campaigning

We campaign both within the University of Warwick and Nationally to raise awareness for WP students. Encouraging schools, university and other programmes to make important changes: reducing the attainment gap and allowed WP students to thrive in their programmes.


Our mentoring programme began three years ago and has grown year after year. Matching perspective students with medical students from the same background with similar application backgrounds to provide medical school hopefuls with the most realistic views of how the interview process and medical school experience will be for them

Imposter Syndrome Strategies

Imposter syndrome affects everyone no matter what level they are at in their medical careers. We run sessions teaching new medical students, students about to begin placements or their foundation training and even lecturers how to be successful and beat imposter syndrome.

Through Medical School and Beyond

We don't stop giving support once people start medical school. We continue beyond that, providing events on placements, careers, foundation applications and success as a doctor.

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